Franks Pro Gold Maintenance 21/11

Franks Pro Gold Maintenance

Frank’s Pro Gold Maintenance is the newest addition to the Frank’s Pro Gold line. Maintenance has been designed for all dogs who have lower activity level and energy needs. It contains high-quality and easy-digestible chicken meat and rice. This dry food contains no wheat, soy, blood or genetically manipulated ingredients.

Frank´s Pro Gold Maintenance dog food meets the AAFCO`s (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutritional recommendations.


Ingredients: dehydrated chicken meat, corn, barley, rice, chicken fat, beet pulp, carob, flax seed, minerals & vitamins, lecithin. Preserved with natural antioxidants.

Guaranteed analyses: protein 21,0 %, fat 11,0 %, fiber 3,0 %, ash 5,5 %, moisture 9,0 %, phosphor 0,9 %, calcium 1,25 %.