Franks Pro Gold Total 60


This exciting innovation represents the most modern technology combined with ideal of returning dry food as close to the natural canine diet as possible.

With only one source of carbohydrate and multiple sources of the finest quality animal proteins and fats processed with gentle pressing methods, Frank’s Pro Gold Total 60 is both exceptionally well digested and has an optimum ratio of aminoacids. The inclusion of finest quality animal proteins gives Total 60 an impressive 60% meat content.

Frank’s Pro Gold Total 60 contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals in ideal amounts, with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and is gluten free. In addition it does not contain wheat, blood, dairy products or GMO.

Frank’s Pro Gold Total 60 is a excellent choice for all adult dogs and with the superior digestibility of this pressed food, feeding quantities are much less than with extruded food. This is beneficial for the dog’s metabolism and digestion as less bulk reduces a number of digestive problems and fluctuation. Frank’s Pro Gold Total 60 is also a perfect choice for dogs on the BARF diet, when raw food is not available, for example on long trips and it eliminates the risk of Serious bacterial infections.

We highly recommend to follow feeding instructions to avoid obesity. A smaller volume of food is beneficial for your dogs wellbeing.
Show your dog you have made the right choice for him and give up the traditional habit of filling his bowl to the brim

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Ingredients: puffed corn (35 %), chicken meat (32 %), Scandinavian fish (8 %), lamb meat (6 %), chicken fat (5 %), beef (3,5 %), pork meat (3,5 %), egg (2 %), chicory (source of inulin), Norwegian salmon oil (1 %), minerals & vitamins, lecithin, L-carnitine, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine chloride, taurine. Preserved with natural antioxidants.

Guaranteed analyses: protein  25,0 %, fat  15,0 %, fiber 1,5 %, ash 5,7 %, moisture 7,0 %, calcium 1,0 %, phosphor 1,3 %.

Available in sizes: 3 kg / 12 kg